Full and Interim Services*

Your vehicle serviced not just when you want but where you want!
Depending on the age, mileage, make and model of your car, the type of service you require can range from a simple check and lubrication service to a full service. Although different manufacturers often have different service options, we can use our expertise to ensure that you always receive the perfect service to meet your requirements.

Start Up Service (Home or Work)

Imagine the scenario, you are running late for work or to take the children to school, when the unthinkable happens and your vehicle will not start. You curse your luck and wish that you could have afforded to take up a subscription with one of the well known recovery services you saw at the shopping centre. You fear that not only are you left with a problem but that the solution will leave a large hole in your finances.... Well, fear no more, just give us a call and we can have you on your way in no time and with our low prices you may also be able to raise a smile on your onward journey!

Engine Diagnostics and Tuning

From time to time when using our vehicle we all notice small niggles that bother us, but never get around to fixing them until either the problem drives us crazy or it leads to a more serious problem, which takes the vehicle off the road for a period of time usually when we cannot do without it.

Timing Belt Replacements

Probably one of the most important checks to your vehicle, if this little component fails then the financial cost to create the problems caused are often significant.

Clutch Replacements

We offer a clutch replacement service on many vehicle makes and models. As usual our workmanship will be impeccable and our prices easy on the pocket.

Brake SystemS

As you will be aware your brakes are of paramount importance and regular checks are necessary to keep your vehicle safe. Be it anything from a simple brake wear check and adjustment to replacement of a complete braking system, give AGP a call so we can sort any issues and keep you safely on the road.

Head Gasket Replacements

Why not have one of our mobile mechanics replace the Head Gasket on your vehicle at your door instead of having to visit your local garage?

Gear Box Replacement

Trouble changing gears? Dread wrestling with the gear stick at lights or on a roundabout? We can remedy your problems cleanly and efficiently.

Alarm and ImmobiliSer Installations

With over 150,000 vehicles being stolen each year in the UK and 40% of drivers experiencing car crime of some description, there has never been a better time to get yourself some protection. We are happy to install a device you have purchased yourself (assuming it is recommended for your model!) or we can offer a selection of devices which provide high quality protection for every budget.

Tyre Replacements

Worn tyres are often the most overlooked defect on a vehicle by its owner with 'lack of time' being the predominant culprit in never getting the work done. This is not the case however, with the Police, who well know the dangers of driving with unsuitable tyres and tend to punish heavily. Our mobile mechanics can attend your home or work place to resolve the problem easily, just give us a call.

Car Audio/Visual Installations

As mentioned above when discussing Alarms and Immobilisers, one of your mobile mechanics can install one of our recommended units or complete systems professionally wherever it is convenient for you or alternatively install something that you may have already purchased.

Pre Winter and Summer Checks

One of our highly recommended services that could save you a lot of time and money. Freezing temperatures, like those experienced in December 2010, hit the average driver's pocket by over a reported £400 due to call out charges and repair costs. The AA reported to have attended over 105,000 breakdowns in a single day leading up to Christmas. Many of these could have been avoided by a pre-winter check-up.


Going on a driving holiday or thinking about a long journey for any reason? It is highly recommended to have your vehicle checked before you leave to avoid any unexpected costs or delays. Our mobile mechanics can carry out the required checks when and where it is convenient for you, giving you peace of mind.

Exhaust Repair and Replacement

Whether you need a part or full Exhaust replacement, our mobile mechanics can quickly and professionally make the necessary repairs. Just phone us with you vehicle details and where you would like us to attend!